The New Reality

ESPN aired a documentary recently about Coach John Calipari’s rise to fame appropriately titled, “One and Not Done”. The show focused primarily on his approach to recruiting elite players who call the University of Kentucky home for one year before moving on to the NBA.


It was an interesting expose spotlighting how Calipari’s unique method has been polarizing for many in the sport while having a wide affect on basketball at the college level.


There were many who opposed Calipari’s pioneering strategy stating it did not coincide with the way things have always been and that coaches should focus on more traditional ways to win games. Others who were in favor cited the new excitement it has brought to the game and the realities of it’s effectiveness.


However, there was one statement given by a former coach that summed things up best when he said, “The fact is that the strategy works, and you can continue living in what used to be or realize the new reality of what is.”


The program concluded by saying many of the coaches who had previously been against Calipari’s approach have now succumbed to it to stay competitive among the crowd.


This is a great example of what has been taking place in the investment world for years.


What used to be and what is now are vastly different. Because of these changes, many believe Buy and Hold and Asset Allocation no longer have a competitive advantage compared to new strategies designed for the New Economy.


Just because you are doing what you have always done does not mean this is still relevant or the best approach moving forward. Your financial future depends on being able to adapt to changing economies using updated strategies designed to grow during the good times and protect during the bad.


If you are ready to update your approach and align to the New Reality, contact us to learn more.


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