Is This the Writing on the Wall?

Question: What do famed investors Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, George Soros, Jack Bogle, Bill Gross, Jim Rogers, and David Tepper have in common?




1. They are ALL billionaires


2. They ALL predicted a previous market crash in 2001 and/or 2008


3. They ALL believe the next market crash could be around the corner


Bill Gross is one of the most successful bond investors of our time and famed manager of PIMCO’s $270 Billion Total Return Fund. In a recent interview he said the U.S. stock market is at it’s highest risk since the 2008 crisis.


Warren Buffett is infamous for closing his first fund down in 1969 and returning investors money because he was “unable to find opportunity”. This occurred in 1969 prior to one of the worst decades in the markets as the Dow Jones returned a total 4.8% from 1970-1979. Today he is once again sitting in all cash (except this time it is over $100 Billion!) because he has “no where to go”.


Carl Icahn is a business magnate and 5th wealthiest hedge fund manager and was quoted recently with other investing tycoons explaining why the indexes are overvalued at this time and market conditions are extremely risky.


Jack Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group also believes the indexes are currently overvalued and the stock market will return only 4% over the next decade.


Jim Rogers gained popularity running the Quantum fund which returned 4,200% in 10 years versus’s the S&P 500 gain of just 47%. He ultimately retired at the age of 37 but continued providing investment advice on a public scale. Prior to the financial collapse in 2008 he advised investors to “short” bank stocks (“shorting” is an investing method designed to make money as the underlying holding declines). He has stated in many interviews over the last few months that the market is ready “to collapse” and “going to be the biggest in my lifetime”.


Could This Be Writing On The Wall Of What Is To Come?


There is no way to know until the next decline occurs. But why wait?


You Have a Choice.


1. Continue doing what you have always done and get what you have always got during previous market crashes or …


2. Raise your standards of what you should expect from your investment plan to protect during declines and grow during up trends.


Imagine having peace of mind knowing your portfolio will work for you by adapting as markets change rather than being controlled by them.

An investment approach designed to guard against loss when the markets weaken while increasing growth potential during times of expansion.


Our clients utilize this updated investment approach and have experienced firsthand the enhanced results and benefits this program provides beyond traditional investing methods.


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